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  1. Hi John. I have always stored my boat outside at what is now known as Bootleggers Cove Marina, formerly Sunset Marina (751-6466). Many other WYC members do the same. Some others have their boats hauled out and stored at Olcott Yacht Club. I don’t know how many use Wilson Harbor Marina, but some may.

    • Thanks Rich, that’s great info. In my first post on this topic I made a typo. I said Wilson Harbor Marina but that was incorreect. I meant to say Wilson Boatyard Marina.
      I’m going to be in Wilson this Saturday to make some arrangements. I’ll be calling Bootleggers and others. I’ll stop by WYC and say hello to anyone who is around.
      Thanks again for the information.

  2. I am looking for some advice from seasoned salts in the Wilson Harbor. Being new at having a boat that is not easily trailerable and since I’m planning on docking it at Wilson Harbor starting in Spring, I’m wondering where you would recommend storing it for this winter. Currently it is on the hard at RCR Marina below the Skyway in Buffalo where it’s been sitting on it’s cradle since the end of LAST (2014) sailing season. I could store it where it is. I could have it transported to Wilson by Wilson Harbor Marina. I spoke to the person who runs that marina and he can do the transport and store it, including the option of inside heated storage. Of course that is expensive but I would love to have access so that I can work on the boat over the winter. Wher do most of the WYC members store for the winter?

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