Described by cruising guides as a small but friendly club, WYC has a reputation around the lake as a good place to visit. Being small (limited to 50 regular members) enhances the atmosphere of fellowship and sociability. However, it also places a premium on the selection of members who will be active participants in club activities.

Financial costs are relatively low because we own the property and maintain it with our own labor. Each member is required to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of work on designated projects by September 30 of each year. House clean up assignments will be assigned to members once or twice a year. In order for a member to remain in good standing, financial and work obligations must be met on time and of course, the few established rules must be observed.

Club affairs are administered by a Board of Governors. The board assigns members to the various standing and special committees which perform the operating functions. Members are expected to take their turn serving on these committees and officers, if elected. General membership meetings are held in April and October at which time the officers and committee report to the members and business items are transacted.

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP provides clubhouse privileges, a boat slip and voting at membership meetings. Spouses of members have all the privileges of members except for voting. Guests and children of members must be accompanied by members.

The size of a member’s boat is constrained by the capacity of available slips. Members who wish to change boats must request approval from the Board of Governors. Likewise, the selection of new members is influenced by the size of their boat and the capacity of the available slips.

Boats docked at the club must be covered by a liability insurance policy of $100,000 minimum and an agent’s certificate of such insurance must be provided to the Secretary initially and subsequently upon request.

Successful applicants are admitted to a probationary status termed Member Candidate, which has a maximum term of two years. This status entails all privileges of membership except voting and holding office. The Board of Governors reviews candidates at least once a year to determine if membership will be granted.

If you are interested in becoming a member, complete and return the application.

Regular Membership Application Form- Click Here

Please Email completed form to:

Or Mail to:
WYC Membership Applications
P.O. Box 428
Wilson, NY 14172


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  1. Hello WYC,

    If I become a member does that included a boat slip? Or is that separate?
    I have a 20ft power boat. What would the cost be?
    Are there any slips available?
    Thanks, Cliff

  2. i just purchased a property in wilson new york and i own a 23 foot maria cutty cab z238 . i would like to become a member my wife and i will be moving to wilson within the next year or two . how do i go about getting someone to sponsor me . i live in los angeles california and i really dont know to many people there in wilson.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Sorry for the late response. Thanks for your interest in the WYC. Unfortunately due to club size constraints, Associate Memberships are only given to Full Members who no longer have their boat (due to age or health reasons)or to the child of an aging Full Member so that they can assist their parent with boat handling. When you’re in town, you’re more than welcome to visit the club with Dorothy. We’d be happy to see you!

      Chip Kunecki
      Commodore – WYC

  3. Wilson Yacht Club seems like a friendly Club. I am moving my Catalina 22 from Buffalo to Lake Ontario and would like to be a member of Wilson Yacht Club. I will have to figure out who I know that will sponsor me.

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