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The site is up! — 5 Comments

  1. I’d like to thank the members of WYC for allowing me to attend their awesome Spaghetti Dinner and festivities on Saturday 9/19/15. The food was great, the whole membership in attendance was more than friendly. They were genuinely welcoming.
    If I am accepted as a member I will be looking forward to bringing my wife to future meetings and activities, and to participating in the work volunteer program.
    Thank you again.
    John McGuire

  2. I’m a former member from the late seventies. A friend, at the time, of Don and Andrea Magro. Thrilled to see pictures of the place. I witnessed the dredging of the harbor and the resulting back fill of the lawn in front of the club. Geez, thirty plus years ago….

    Bruce Blanchard
    Midlothian, Virginia

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